What hypnotherapy is and isn’t

What Hypnotherapy and isn’t

Hypnotherapy is a gentle yet very powerful way to help bring about positive changes in a person`s life. It is a therapy which focuses a client`s imagination and subconscious to attain these changes by using the power of suggestion. This is facilitated by a trained professional who will use different methods to achieve the desired result.

Hypnotherapy can benefit a wide range of issues from fears and phobias to depression and PTSD.

It can also help with relaxation before a visit to the dentist or a driving test. A lasting effect can be the ability to be less distracted by negative thoughts and to feel centered and calm.

Most of us experience a hypnotic state several times throughout the day without realising what it is. i.e.  when drifting off to sleep or simply daydreaming.

Have you ever driven somewhere and upon arriving realise that you have forgotten large parts of the journey? This is because your subconscious has taken over the process of driving whilst your thoughts are elsewhere. The subconscious mind deals with your automatic functions like breathing and stores all your memories – even if these are not available to your conscious mind.

Hypnotherapy is a safe way to open blocks and build confidence. It is nothing like the TV shows that are there purely for entertainment. The client is not asleep and is in total control the whole time. It is not possible to hypnotise somebody who doesn’t wish it and the client can stop the session at any time. They cannot get stuck in the trance.

It is not a diagnostic tool and in some cases permission is needed from a GP. It is not suitable for everyone.

This will all be explained in the initial free consultation.

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